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BHETA members feed back on legislative changes

BHETA members feed back on legislative changes

BHETA has canvassed member opinion on the Government’s proposed legislative changes on the selling and marketing of knives and corrosive substances. BHETA member responses have now been submitted to BIRA and LACORS, the Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services in a joint initiative to lobby Government and Home Secretary, Amber Rudd. The next phase of the debate is likely to be in early 2018.

Potential legislation on the sale of knives and corrosive substances could mean that anyone purchasing a knife online will have to collect it either at a store or from another physical location to prove their identity and age.

Commenting on the member survey, Will Jones, housewares director of BHETA said, “Clearly this is an important issue from many points of view, so it is vital that we represent collectively the views of suppliers and retailers in this market.”

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Source: BHETA
January 2018